Does the ISA500 Altimeter take a multi echo output?

Does the altimeter take a multi echo output? - Answering your questions on ROV / AUV Altimeter ISA500.

Does the altimeter take a multi echo output? – Transcript

In seaView we provide you with a multi echo output so you can click on this little multi echo button here and pull up a separate graph. This graph here will show you every echo the ISA500 hears going back across the range it sends a single ping out into the water and it listens to what comes back.

A lot of the time, if you’re in open water you’ll send a ping out into the water, it will travel, hit the seabed and come back again you just get one single return.

If on the other hand, you’re operating in a small test tank like we are today it sends one ping out then that ping then bounces hits the base of the tank bounces back, hit’s the top of the water, bounce back to base again, it sits there bouncing back and forth and for that reason the ISA500 ends up seeing a whole series of echoes going back.

This is just one question we hope has been answered for you, if you have more please watch the full film here.




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