OEM Option – Yes, you can now integrate ISA500 into an ROV/AUV

Answering your questions - Can I integrate the transducer into my ROV / AUV? - OEM Option.

OEM Option – Transcript

If you want an altimeter solution, potentially for an AUV where you don’t want to have a full housing.

Maybe you want to integrate the transducer into the body of the AUV and the electronics into your electronics pod?

We do also offer the ISA500 OEM option. Which is a single board PCB which has all the capability on it and a transducer which connects on the end.

Or you can disconnect the two and you have the transducer separate from the PCB. Simply connect the two with a piece of coaxial cable if you want to have a PCB mounted in a separate location to the transducer. It’s not always convenient to have the PCP immediately behind the transducer.

The OEM option is nice and simple, it comes with a terminal block on it which you can wire straight into and that comes with all the details of which pins are for power and which are for comms. It’s very quick and easy to get set up.

This is just one question we hope has been answered for you, if you have more please watch the full film here.




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