Underwater Depth & Temperature Sensor with integrated Pitch, Roll & Heading (AHRS)

ROV Depth, Temperature & AHRS Sensor

ISD4000: ROV Depth, Temperature & AHRS Sensor
  • 0.01% FS Depth Accuracy
  • 0.01ºC Temperature Accuracy
  • Integrated AHRS (Heading, Pitch, Roll)
  • Software to View, Log & Configure
  • RS232 And RS485 Interfaces
  • Robust & Compact Housing
  • In-Field Firmware Updates
  • Emulate Any Device
  • Survey Grade

Introducing the ISD4000

The ISD4000 is a compact, survey grade Depth & Temperature Sensor.

Optionally, the unit can also be provided with an integrated Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS).  This provides highly stable Heading, Pitch and Roll readings.


A temperature compensated piezo-resistive pressure sensor is used to determine Depth to 0.01% Full Scale accuracy.

Available in a variety of pressure ranges (10, 30, 50, 100, 300, 400 & 600 Bar) ensures that the highest level of accuracy can be achieved for any depth of application.

Depth can be provided at any rate up to 100 Hz – ideal for precision control and monitoring applications.


A Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) probe provides temperature to 0.01 degrees C accuracy.

The RTD is located directly inside the temperature probe, placing it exceptionally close to the water.  This enables a very high accuracy temperature reading to be obtained, with exceptionally low latency.

Attitude & Heading Reference System (AHRS)

Optionally available on the ISD4000 is an integrated Attitude & Heading Reference System (AHRS) providing Heading, Pitch & Roll.

The AHRS is based on Micro-Electrical-Mechanical-System (MEMS) technology.

Within the ISD4000 there are three MEMS based Gyros, Accelerometers & Magnetometers.  The outputs from each of these MEMS devices are fused together, providing highly stable Heading, Pitch & Roll.

The Heading is highly resilient against temporary magnetic interferes.  This is aided by a soft and hard iron calibration feature once the unit has been installed on the ROV, AUV or other underwater system.

One Device – Many Applications

Provides Depth readings to 0.01%FS – ideal for survey operations.

The high update rate (up to 100Hz) is highly applicable for use with auto depth systems.

Temperature is provided along with Heading, Pitch & Roll – ideal for basic navigation.

Monitor the depth during deployment together with the Pitch, Roll and Heading of the equipment.

Provides a clear understanding of equipment position and attitude.

Using multiple ISD4000 units, monitor the deflection of a subsea structure.
Depth & Temperature are provided to survey grade – ideal for any survey.
The integrated gyros, accelerometers & magnetometers provide highly stable Pitch, Roll & Heading in addition to Depth & Temperature.

ISD4000 Videos

ISD4000 Introduction

ISD4000 seaView Software Demo

Run Multiple Sensors Together

Heading Calibration

ISD4000 Options - With AHRS

Use this flowchart to find the ideal configuration of ISD4000 With AHRS for your application

ISD4000 Options - Without AHRS

Use this flowchart to find the ideal configuration of ISD4000 Without AHRS for your application