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service facilities

Sensors and systems can be returned for service or repair by our qualified engineers.

Service of a sensor will include:

To book your sensor in for a service please contact: or telephone: +44 (0)1224 460 850


All Impact Subsea sensors which require calibration can be returned for calibration by our qualified engineers.

The Impact Subsea calibration laboratory is equipped with all equipment required to conduct and verify:

To book your sensor in for a calibration please enquire below or telephone +44(0) 1224 460 850

Impact Subsea ISD4000 Calibration e1587987291633
ISA500 Range


All ‘lite’ Impact Subsea sensors can be returned for upgrade to include full AHRS capability.

This will add the Heading, Pitch and Roll sensing capability to any Impact Subsea sensor which had been purchased initially without this feature.

If you require another modification to an existing sensor, such as an alternative connector, please contact us to discuss further.

To book your sensor for an upgrade please contact or telephone +44 (0)1224 460 850

Housing Design

Underwater pressure housing design and manufacture for a variety of applications

Impact Subsea Pressure Housings ISP1 & 2

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