ISA500 Underwater Altimeter – How do I know the reading is accurate?

Answering your questions - How do I know my underwater altimeter reading is accurate?

Underwater Altimeter, How do I know the reading is accurate? – Transcript

I mentioned the ISA500 outputs range so it does a measurement; long distance, high accuracy. It can also output energy and correlation values for each reading it takes.

On the screen we show that as a colour bar chart. You can see that bar chart moving slightly with the altimeter pings, the yellow proportion of the bar chart is the energy that’s been received back to the ROV / AUV Altimeter – ISA500 from the energy it’s sent out into the water and the green proportion of that is how much of that energy correlates really nicely.

How much of it is a nice clean sign wave coming back and how much of it has distortion on it. This can be used, or thought of, as a trust factor for the distance reading. If you get a distance reading like this and you’ve got a lot of energy coming back, it’s quite a long yellow bar and most of it is green, there’s a high probability that that’s a very good reading.

It’s a really nice clean signal coming back. The underwater altimeter is certain, confident that the reading is correct. If you get a reading back where the yellow bar is very short, it would indicate only a small amount of energy has come back or if you get a reading back where the green bar is quite short, it suggests very noisy readings come back and if you get one where it’s low energy and low correlation it suggests it’s a bad reading, one that should have a low trust factor applied to it.

It gives you a little bit more knowledge than just pure distance reading.

ISA500 Underwater Altimeter – How do I know the reading is accurate? This is just one question we hope has been answered for you, if you have more please watch the full film here.




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