Does suspended sediment interfere with the ISA500 altimeter?

ROV / AUV Altimeter ISA500 - Does suspended sediment interfere with the altimeter?

Does suspended sediment interfere with the altimeter and its ability to get readings? – Transcript

The last item you can change on the acoustic side is your detection mode. On the detection mode we have several options, the two main ones being; first echo and strongest echo.

First echo works by transmitting a pulse of sound and as soon as it hears any return coming back it’ll use that trigger on and give you a range reading. That works really well in enclosed spaces such as tanks that we have here today.

The other option is strongest echo so if you select strongest echo the ISA500 will send out an acoustic pulse, it’ll listen to every single echo that comes back again and it’ll select one of the highest amplitudes and use that to lock on and give you a range measurement. This is really useful for open water, if you’re working in the sea or in a lake then this is ideal. Using the strongest echo method we’ll send out the ping, it may get smaller returns from fish.

It will then ignore all the smaller returns, focus on the seabed and give you that range reading. Using the strongest echo detection method ensures great stability when you’re in open water.

That’s about everything on the acoustic side. You can also set up an analog output if you want a scale voltage to be output from the ISA500 relative to the ranges measured and set this up there. You can set up multi-echo outputs so if you want the ISA500 to output more than just a single reading, you want it to output every single echo that it hears going back for the first 10 echoes or the first five echoes, you can configure that here.

The connection, you can configure it for 232485 or 485 terminated and you can set the baud rate and we get down to the output.

This is just one question we hope has been answered for you, if you have more please watch the full film here.




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