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ROV / AUV ISS360 Sonar - Answering your questions - How Quickly Does The Sonar Scan?

ROV / AUV ISS360 Sonar – Answering your questions – How quickly does the sonar scan?


How quickly does the sonar scan?

Another question which often comes up, particularly when discussing scanning sonars is; how quickly does the sonar scan? If you look at the YouTube page or the ISS360 page of our website there’s a lot of example videos which show you the scanning speed at different ranges and different resolutions.

I can also show you the scanning speed just now. Behind us we’ve got an ISS360 sonar in our tank and it’s currently scanning a two meter range, at its lowest resolution setting. What you’re seeing there is the fastest rate which the sonar will scan. That particular sonar is running over Ethernet Communications back to the computer.

I can adjust the scan speed as there’s a little slider bar at the bottom of the screen so you can adjust from the high speed to high resolution and as it’s set to high speed just now, move it up to a higher resolution and higher quality you’ll see the sonar slows down.

As we start to get a much higher resolution, more accurate image of the tank.

It’s really designed so if you’re using the sonar for obstacle avoidance you can set it to the fast speed, you just need to know, is there something in front of me? or can I locate a target around you scans round really fast, updates fast, then we get closer to the target you can slow it down a little bit, move it more into the quality setting so you get a higher resolution image and then you can use that for target identification.

You also don’t need to do a full 360 degree scan, you’ve got it there if you need it so if you’ve got it on the top of your vehicle and you want to see everything that’s around you and kind of position yourself relative to another structure or something else subsea, it’s ideal for that.

Forward-looking obstacle avoidance

If you just want it for forward-looking obstacle avoidance you can set up a window, I’ll show you that just now. Let’s turn off full 360 and just do a sector scan. Set it to a 90 degree sector scan just now. We’ll just zoom in so we’ve got that on screen. So there’s your 90 degree sector and it’s just scanning back and forth, giving you an update right there.

You can also set it to use flyback so if we set it to use flyback, it’ll scan one way then zoom back to the other side, scan one way, zoom back to the other side and just gives you a faster update rate. So using flyback and if we drop it to the faster speed setting you get really fast updating scanning sonar it’s ideal for forward-looking navigation.

This is just one question we hope has been answered for you about the ISS360 sonar if you have more please watch the full film here.




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