How can I interface to my sonar? – ISS360

ROV / AUV ISS360 Sonar - Answering your questions - How Can I Interface To My Sonar?

ROV / AUV ISS360 Sonar – Answering your questions – How can I interface to my sonar?

How can I interface to my sonar? – Transcript

One of the other questions we get asked is “How can I interface to my sonar – ISS360?”

You’ve got a number of options as standard in all the ISS360 sonars, they all come with serial communications so they come with RS232 Communications and RS485 Communications.

RS232 is ideal if you’re running it over a short cable length or up through a fiber mux, up to the surface from your ROV.

Then you’ve got RS485 Communications which is ideal if you just have a screened twisted pair and you can run 45 comms anywhere up to 1.2 kilometers worth of cable. We’ve tested these ourselves up to a kilometer with the cable so it’s quite a practical way to get comms.

The other way you can get comms is through Ethernet. Ethernet is from a performance perspective, the most ideal communications protocol as it has plenty of bandwidth.

The sonar can scan really quickly and there’s no waiting for the data to be sent from the surface. Everything just gets sent in real time so if you have Ethernet capability available it’s always ideal to use that. It should be the fastest scanning sonar possible.

This is just one question we hope has been answered for you, if you have more please watch the full film here.




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