Which sonar is right for my application; ISS360 or HD?

ROV / AUV ISS360 Sonar - Answering your questions - Which sonar is right for my application?


Another question we get asked is which sonar is right for my application?

That really comes down to exactly what you require? If you need a sonar which is as compact as is practically possible, the ISS360 is ideal and you get a really compact sonar, we believe it’s the smallest imaging sonar in the world.

It’s highly compact, it’s pretty lightweight and it’s quite low power consumption so it’s ideal for a lot of miniature ROVs and a lot of small or even larger AUVs as well where power is a consideration.

If on the other hand you can accommodate a slightly larger sonar such as maybe on work class ROV or mid-range ROV the ISS360HD is ideal. This way you benefit from more than twice the angular resolution and you get slightly more range as well.

Which sonar really comes down to what you can fit on your vehicle and what kind of performance levels you require from the sonar.

This is just one question we hope has been answered for you, if you have more please watch the full film here.




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