Quick Inversion Reset V3

Inversion Reset V3 – Transcript

Hi, I’m Ben Grant, Managing Director of Impact Subsea.

In this video, we’re going to show you how to set your Impact Subsea sensor to a known communications protocol and baud rate. In this example we’ll use the ISA500 altimeter as shown here, however the same process works for any Impact Subsea sensor.

To set your sensor to a known communications protocol, have the sensor on a bench with the connector pointing upwards.

Take your communications and power cable and connect it to the sensor. Once connected and once power is supplied, you want to rotate the sensor three times within the first 10 seconds. That will set the sensor to RS232 9600 baud.

If you have a sensor with V3 firmware or newer if you continue the rotations beyond three and go up to a minimum of six rotations, the sensor will be set to RS485 9600 baud at which point you can connect through your serial interface into your computer and find the sensor within the seaView software.

Once you’re into the seaView software you can configure the sensor to have any permanent communications protocol and baud rate that you require.




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