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How often do I send back for sonar servicing?

One of the other questions we get is with regards to maintenance and how often do you have to send back for sonar servicing?

With all our products we tried to make them so the maintenance interval is very long and so they’re designed to run for as long as it’s practically possible in the field without being serviced.

All the sonars have a titanium body so you don’t have any corrosion issues, this will last a good long time, you’ve got a stainless steel connector and something else that sometimes wears out on scanning sonars is the slip rings.

Usually you have a transducer in the boot end which rotates round and it’s connected back to the electronics using slip rings and brush contacts on the slip rings and over time it’s a physical contact it’ll suffer from wear and tear and you have to send it back to get it swapped out.

The ISS360 range we did away with slip rings so the transducer is fully inductively coupled to the electronics so as the transducer rotates there’s no physically touching components.

There’s nothing to wear out, there’s nothing to require it to come back periodically and so although it’s got a moving transducer in there. a moving component, nothing’s touching so it’s a very long life.

The main thing you maybe want to send back for a simple sonar servicing, just a health check and also it allows us to change out the rubber components to change o rings and keep all that in good condition.

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