ISD4000 – How do I get comms quickly?

Answering your AUV / ROV Sensor Questions. ISD4000 - How do I get comms quickly?

ISD4000 – How do I get comms quickly? – Transcript

Just had a question come through here.

So the question that has been posted is; I’ve got ISD4000 AUV / ROV Depth Sensors back from a customer and they don’t know how they have configured it. How do I get comms quickly?

So this is a good question and so usually when we send out sensors we’ve got the sensor label there and that gives you details of the sensor type, the serial number and depth rating etc. Once dispatched from Impact Subsea we also state the communications on there.

If it’s RS232 or RS485 and also the baud rate; if it’s 9600 etc. Sometimes if it’s been out offshore, on a customer deployment and the sensor then comes back to you and possibly it’s reconfigured while it’s offshore and what it says on the label may not actually be how the sensor is configured.

We’ve introduced a nice, simple way to always get comms. So we get the sensor back, if you don’t know how it’s been configured take the sensor, put it on a desk with the connector pointing upwards, pressure transducer pointing downwards.

Connect the cable and apply power then within the first 10 seconds of applying power you want to invert the sensor three times. Literally just turn it upside down like that. Three times and it’ll default the sensor to RS232 9600 baud and allow you to quickly get communications through a RS232 serial interface.

If you don’t have a serial interface of RS232 serial interface. If you keep inverting the sensor six times within that first 10 seconds from power on window it’ll default to RS485 9600. So you’ve got a quick way to get it to set to RS232 comms or RS485 comms.

These are both just temporary changes in the communications as soon as you supply power it’ll go back to how it’s saved but the reset procedure allows you to get comms, go into the settings and then reconfigure the sensor to have whatever communications you require.

How do I get comms quickly? – This is just one question we hope has been answered for you, if you have more please watch the full film here.


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