ISD4000 – Which configuration for my application?

Ben Grant, Managing Director of Impact Subsea answers questions from users of our ISD4000 - Which configuration for my application?

ISD4000 – Which configuration for my application? – Transcript

One question we sometimes get asked running an ISD4000 is which configuration of ISD4000 should I get for my application?

For example, if you’re working in 100 meters of water, what would be the best configuration to utilise?

In terms of ISD4000 they all come in the same body, they look the same but we offer them with a number of different pressure sensors.

We offer 10, 30, 50, 100, 300, 400 and 600 bar sensors. The idea or the ideal situation is to choose a sensor which is closest to your depth of deployment.

In 100 meters of water and you’re never going to exceed 100 meters depth then a 10 bar sensor is ideal so that will give you 0.01 full scale accuracy and so you’ll get about a one centimeter accuracy in actual depth readings.

Likewise if you’re going up to 6000 meters water depth it’s best to utilise the correct sensor.

We hope that helps answer your question of which configuration of ISD4000 you may need. If you want any more information on the ISD4000 you’ll find the latest data sheet, manuals, demonstration videos and more technical information on our ISD4000 product Page

or you can drop us an email at we’ll answer any technical questions that you have.


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