What is a Flooded Member?

Answering your AUV / ROV Sensor Questions - What is a Flooded Member?

What is a Flooded Member? – Transcript

For those who don’t know, flooded member detection systems are intended for use underwater and are used to determine whether a member or structure has flooded and filled with water or liquid or if it’s filled with a gas.

For example if you’ve got a structure of an offshore platform, these are usually all welded together, they’re sealed against water so it should just be air, a gas inside the structure and over time corrosion can creep in and then water will get into the structure itself at which point you get a concerned that there may be fatigue in the structure or weakness in the structure occurring due to that water ingress and so it’s important to regularly go around subsea structures and check them and just make sure they haven’t flooded.

There are a number of different ways of doing this, there’s a radioactive source method, the gamma ray method and then there’s the use of acoustics which is the type of system we provide with the AUV / ROV Flooded Member Detection System – ISFMD.

What is a flooded member? Now you know!

This is just one question we hope has been answered for you, if you have more please watch the full film here.


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