Can I swap my existing ROV heading sensor with this?

Ben Grant, Managing Director of Impact Subsea will answer questions from users of our ISM3D - Can I swap out my existing ROV heading sensor with this?

Can I swap my existing ROV heading sensor with this? – Transcript

Another question we often get asked is: ‘Can I swap my existing ROV heading sensor with the ISM3D?’ and the answer is; yes, of course. We’ve done a few things in the ISM3D to make that a really simple process.

The ISM3D can output Impact Subsea strings and output basic strings such as heading pitch and roll. It can output more advanced strings that have quaternion values to calculate the heading and the orientation of the sensor.

It can also output any industry standard string so the sensor has an emulation capability, we can emulate any other heading sensor or pitch and roll sensor out there in the market.

This means you can configure the ISM3D – ROV heading sensor very quickly, just plug into your system without any re-engineering of your ROV or system that you have.

What are the physical interface details?

In terms of the physical interface it has RS232 and RS485 serial interfaces in it and can work on any of the standard baud rates as well so interfacing and integrating with ISM3D is usually are relatively straightforward task.

If you want any more information on the ISM3D you’ll find the latest data sheet, manuals, demonstration videos and more technical information on our ISM3D product Page

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