Are there ISM3D OEM options available?

Ben Grant, Managing Director of Impact Subsea answers questions from users of our ISM3D - Are there ISM3D OEM options available?

Are there ISM3D OEM options available? – Transcript

Another question we occasionally get asked is ‘Are there ISM3D OEM options available?’ The majority of ISM3D units are either in a titanium housing or in a plastic, acetal housing. They are highly compact and they work with the majority of applications that we see.

We do also offer an ISM3D OEM version which is a PCB only solution so if you don’t want the housing, if you don’t want the connector and you want to integrate it directly into say, a very small AHRS it’s your own electronics pod and then we offer that option as well.

I think that’s all the details on the ISM3D OEM sensor. Just checking but I’ve not had any questions come through this morning so we’ll end the session there.

If you want any more information on the ROV / AUV AHRS ISM3D you’ll find the latest data sheet, manuals, demonstration videos and more technical information on our ISM3D product Page

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