AUV / ROV AHRS – ISM3D Introduction

Ben Grant, Managing Director of Impact Subsea gives an ISM3D Introduction.

ISM3D Introduction – Transcript

Now this week we’re going to talk a little bit about the ISM3D AHRS sensor. So this is the sensor itself here. It’s the smallest sensor Impact Subsea manufacturers and it’s an attitude and heading reference system. It provides you with heading, pitch and roll.

The sensor itself has a flat end here and has four holes for mounting it down so if you’ve got an ROV you can mount it to a plate there or if it’s going on a subsea structure that’s a great place to mount it and get it really solidly connected to the structure of the vehicle. Alternatively there is also a recess around the middle of the sensor which actually allows you to put a standard u-clamp around it and lock it in securely.

Other than that, aside from mounting it you’ve got the connector for electrical connection just a standard subcon which has the same pin outs as all the Impact Subsea sensors. The sensor itself; it’s available in titanium metal which is this one here and depth rated down to 6,000 meters.

We also do the same sensor in exactly the same size of housing in acetal plastic and that sensor is depth rated down to 1,000 meters. It’s a lighter weight version and it’s ideal for small vehicles and anywhere where weight is a consideration.

The sensor itself provides you with heading to magnetic North to +/- 1 degree of the local magnetic heading. In terms of the attitude, it gives you a pitch and roll to 0.07 degrees accuracy so it’s highly compact but also high accuracy attitude sensor.

If you have more questions about the ISM3D please watch the full film here.


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