ISD4000 Depth and Temperature Sensor Introduction

Answering your questions on ISD4000 Depth and Temperature Sensor - Introduction

ISD4000 Depth and Temperature Sensor Introduction- Transcript

We have our ISD4000 which is a highly compact depth and temperature sensor. With optional, integrated attitude and heading reference system.

The ISD4000 depth and temperature sensor is available in titanium, as seen here or we can also do the same sensor, in the same housing but in acetal material.

The sensor itself; you’ve got the connector end cap with the subcon connector as standard and on the other end you’ve got a plastic cover which covers the raw pressure sensor and also the temperature sensor just in there. Both of these can be accessed by removing the black, plastic cap and you can do that by the little clip there.

You get your your finger in there and just prize the clip apart. The clip comes off and then the protective end cap comes off and away and you can then see and get access to the pressure sensor which is ideal if you want to rinse it or clean it after a deployment and you can also see the temperature sensor there so again it’s ideal for getting access to that and just cleaning it out after use. It’s very nice and quick and easy to reassemble; put the cap back on and take the clip and just open out and it snaps back into place just like that.

In terms of what sense actually measures the pressure sensor will measure pressure to 0.01 with full scale accuracy we can also calibrate it to 0.005 full scale if you need a very high level of accuracy and precision in your depth measurement. The temperature sensor will measure temperature to 0.1 degree. We can optionally calibrate that to 0.01 degrees accuracy if you need exceptionally high accuracy temperature readings.

Both the pressure and the temperature are very low latency readings so any change in pressure will rapidly be progressed through to an output. Connect with data anywhere up to 100 times a second.

Likewise with the temperature sensor that temperature sensor there, you can see it’s a little stainless steel probe in there and the probe itself is actually hollow and we hollow it out and we slide the temperature sensor right into the middle of that probe.

That ensures that all the readings are very low latency as well as being a very high accuracy depth and temperature sensor.

To find out more about our depth and temperature sensor please take a look at the ISD4000 product page to find the datasheet, manual and further information and films.




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