Impact Subsea Open Source Software Development Kit Released

Impact Subsea has released the first open sourced version of the Software Development Kit (SDK).

Impact Subsea has released the first open sourced version of the Software Development Kit (SDK).

The SDK is provided to allow users to develop their own application to communicate with and operate any Impact Subsea sensor.

The open source version of the SDK is available on GitHub and is a single project written in C++17. This release includes:

  • The SDK no longer runs in its own thread simplifying interfacing.
  • Linux and cross platform usage is better supported through cmake and C++17.
  • Each serial port runs in its own thread so the SDK does not lock up if there is a serial port issue.
  • Logging sensor data to file is much simpler, as is the playback, as the log file data is basically the comms data. This allows log data to virtually simulate a sensor.

“The release of the open source SDK will provide users of Impact Subsea sensors with an exceptionally powerful kit to develop applications. The cross platform capability will simplify development considerably and we have added many improvements over the previous SDK.”

Commented Alistair Mclennan-Murray, Technical Director, Impact Subsea.

How to access the open source SDK

The SDK can be found on GitHub here:

There is also an example project here: that shows how to use the SDK and helps users get up and running quickly.

The SDK is available free of charge to all Impact Subsea sensor users. To use the open source version of the SDK your Impact Subsea sensor will require to have V3.0.0 firmware and above.

For using sensors in ROV and other applications the seaView software is provided to enable image viewing, data logging and configuration of Impact Subsea sensors.

If you have questions please contact us at

Ben Grant

Ben Grant

Managing Director at Impact Subsea.



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