Impact Subsea Release The ISA500-L

Following on from the successful launch of the ISA500, Impact Subsea is pleased to announce the release of the ISA500-L.

The ISA500-L is the lite version of the ISA500, providing a highly cost effective solution for underwater Altitude and Distance measurement applications.

The ISA500-L has been designed to be as flexible as possible to meet individual requirements.  Available with various connector options ensures that physical connection to any system is as simple as possible.

Further, the unit is provided with an in-field firmware update feature to add new output strings and capability.  This ensures that the unit can be easily adapted to suit any underwater altitude or distance measurement application.

Should a user ever find that they require Heading, Pitch and Roll as well, the unit can be upgraded to a full ISA500 to include these features.

Alastair Mclennan-Murray, Technical Director of Impact Subsea, commented:

‘The ISA500-L is based on the ISA500 hardware, which has been designed from the ground up to lead the market in terms of altitude measurement technology.  The unit achieves exceptional stability and range capability while at the same time being very flexible.’



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