Impact Subsea Launch The ISP1

ISP1 SlantImpact Subsea is delighted to announce a new addition to its product range:  The ISP1.  The ISP1 is a subsea pressure pod, complete with view port and up to four connectors.

The ISP1 has been designed to provide a highly cost-effective subsea housing for a variety of underwater projects and applications.

The view port is ideal for use with a camera, subsea display or to facilitate a wireless data link from the internal components to the outside world.

Lightweight and of a small diameter ensures that the housing is suitable for a large variety of subsea applications, including installation to a ROV.  Within the housing, room as been provided for inclusion of electronics and/or batteries.

Commenting on the new product, Alastair Mclennan-Murray said ‘The ISP1 is the first off the shelf housing to be offered by Impact Subsea.  A number of ISA500 & ISD4000 users build these products into a system – the ISP1 allows users to design their own system in a more cost effective way.  A pre-designed housing not only saves time in design, but reduces risk in a new system design by using a tried and tested housing’.

Further details of the ISP1 can be found on our Products page.



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