ISA500 Now Available In Right Angle Form

ISA500 ROV & AUV Altimeter with optional integrated AHRS

To assist in integration of the ISA500 unit into various vehicles and subsea systems, the ISA500 is now available in right angle transducer form.

The performance and capability of the unit is as per the standard ISA500.

Both the forward looking and right angled units are available in Titanium (depth rated to 4,000m) or Delrin® (depth rated to 1,000m).

The ISA500 range of Altimeters provide range capability (120 meters) usually only found in 200kHz systems – but with the accuracy of a 500kHz unit.  Further, the ISA500 units can optionally be provided with an in-build AHRS – providing Heading, Pitch & Roll.

Aside from the added capability of an in-built AHRS, the Pitch & Roll values help to stabilise the altitude reading – providing slant range correction.  This ensures that an accurate altitude reading is always provided.

Further details of the ISA500 family of Altimeters is available on the Products page.

Ben Grant

Ben Grant

Managing Director at Impact Subsea.



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