Five Years of Subsea Sensor Innovation

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This February marks five years since the founding of Impact Subsea.

In the five years since the company was founded, many new innovative sensors have been developed and provided to the underwater ROV, AUV and specialist projects markets.

A brief overview of the key events in the company’s last five years is presented below:


  • Established office and production facility in Ellon, Aberdeenshire, UK.
  • The ISA500 Altimeter was introduced, providing a new standard in range capability and accuracy of underwater distance measurements.
  • Optional integrated AHRS* offered with the ISA500.
  • seaView software is introduced allowing configuration and viewing of sensor data.
  • Appointed first global distributors.


  • The ISD4000 Survey grade Depth & Temperature sensor was introduced, providing a very small form factor depth and temperature sensor with optional integrated AHRS.
  • The ISP1 range of underwater housings was introduced, providing a cost effective solution for the underwater deployment of cameras, battery packs, data loggers etc.
  • The ISA500 range of Altimeters was expanded to include a right angled variant of the sensor – ideal for mounting to towed bodies such as magnetometers.
  • A new acoustic based Flooded Member Detection system was introduced, providing a step change in accuracy and repeatability of flooded member detection.
  • A ‘Hydro Survey’  package was introduced within seaView, enabling the ISA500 sensor to be used as a single beam echo sounder and produce 3D subsea imagery.
  • Further global distributors appointed.


  • The ISM3D Attitude and Heading Reference sensor was introduced, providing a high grade MEMS based Heading, Pitch and Roll sensor.
  • With the introduction of the ISM3D, an ‘Inertial’ heading mode was also introduced, to provide robust heading when in the presence of steel structures.
  • The ISP2 range of subsea housings were introduced, providing a housing for the deployment of large items underwater.
  • Further global distributors appointed.



  • New headquarters opened in Ellon, Aberdeenshire, UK.
  • Production facility expanded and enhanced with new electronics, stores, production and staff recreation areas.
  • Further global distributors appointed.


  • The ISS360 Sonar is launched, the world’s smallest imaging sonar, providing a full 360° field of vision with up to 90 meters range capability.
  • The ISA500-11K is launched, providing Altitude, Heading, Pitch & Roll measurements to 11,000 meter depths.
  • seaView V2 is launched, re-written from the ground up to support all existing and future sensors.
  • Further global distributors appointed.


Ben Grant, Managing Director commented “The last five years have been very exciting for Impact Subsea with a growing product portfolio, company infrastructure and staff base.  Our plans for the next five years are equally ambitious and exciting – we look forward to what is ahead”.


*AHRS: Attitude & Heading Reference System, providing Heading, Pitch & Roll

Ben Grant

Ben Grant

Managing Director at Impact Subsea.



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