Flooded Member Detection System

ISFMD System
  • Acoustic FMD System

  • Visualise Acoustic Returns

  • Automatic Report Generation

  • Powerful & Intuitive Software

  • ROV or Diver Operated

  • Integrated AHRS

  • Titanium Probe

Introducing the ISFMD System

The ISFMD system provides the latest in acoustic Flooded Member Detection technology.

Suitable for Diver or ROV use the ISFMD system provides the most advanced and reliable Flooded Member Detection system available today.

Utilising a probe with a broadband composite transducer together with an advanced digital acoustic engine ensures the highest level of accuracy and reliability in readings.

An optional ISD4000 depth sensor can be added to the system to automatically record depth of each check point.

All readings are shown visually in the seaView software package.  Upon completion of the survey, a full report is automatically generated with readings and user notes.

ISA500 Flooded Member Detection Probe

ISA500 Probe

At the core of the ISFMD system is the ISA500 acoustic sensor.

The ISA500 provides exceptionally long range and high accuracy measurement capability.  The unit has a 1mm accuracy – allowing precise distance measurements to be made.

The ISA500 also has an integrated Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS).  This provides highly stable Heading, Pitch and Roll readings, allowing a clear understanding of FMD probe position at time of reading.

When not being used for FMD, the ISA500 sensor can be used as an Altimeter, Echo Sounder or as an Attitude & Heading Reference System.

Cable Reel

A 100 or 200 meter cable reel provides the ability to deploy the ISFMD system by a Diver.

Cable is supplied on a robust metal reel, terminated for use with the ISA500 sensor and ISFMD Topside Interface Box.

ISFMD Flooded Member Detection Cable Reel
ISFMD Flooded Member Detection Topside Interface Box

Topside Interface Box

The ISFMD Topside Interface Box allows simple connection of all system components.

The topside cable reel connection plugs into the ‘ISA500’ socket.

A topside power supply plugs into the ‘PWR’ socket.

A link to the topside computer, running the seaView software, is provided via the ‘USB’ port.

Powerful Software

The seaView FMD application provides all that is required to conduct an underwater Flooded Member Survey.

The main screen shows the ISA500 sensor probe orientation, all echoes received together with a liquid level reading (if liquid is present).

A graphic representation of the underwater member is configured by the user to replicate the item being tested.

Measurements made along the underwater member are then recorded at defined points and shown visually on screen.

Upon completion of the survey, all data collected is saved and output in a Flooded Member Detection report.

ISFMD Flooded Member Detection System
ISFMD Flooded Member Detection System

The Complete Solution

All system components are provided in a robust aluminium transport case.

ISFMD Videos

ISFMD seaView Software Demo